Hats are a great way to have people endorse your brand – the face is the part of the body we all tend to pay most attention to in conversation or when we look at people.  So by putting your logo or message close to someone’s face, and in the direct line of sight – as we do when we add a logo on the front of a cap – it gets a lot of conscious (and subconscious) attention.  And if you can get someone to wear your logo proudly on their head for all to see, it says a lot about how comfortable they feel about you!
Why are hats so good?
  • They work all year round – summer or winter
  • You can use them as a stand-alone product or as a natural add-on to other promo products.  Maybe co-ordinate with a hoody or rainwear in winter, or a back pack?   Or in better summer weather, as a complement to a polo shirt.  Or for the BBQ season, present with a can cooler, or sunglasses straps.
  • They are easy to store in your office – they stack together taking up minimal surface are,  freeing your precious floor and storage space for your core business needs.
  • Compared with shirts, hats are easier, lighter, smaller and cheaper to mail out if you are using a “lumpy parcel” approach
  • One Size Fits All – “OSFA” means you can stop worrying about how many XS , S, M , L, XL, XXL, XXXL etc shirts you need for that upcoming golf day when you have no idea about the sizes of the people who are coming – and it’s kind of awkward to be having to ask them!  And there’s size charts – US sizes?  Chinese sizes?  Any good supplier will help you around this of course, but life with hats is definitely easier! Adjustable buckle or velcro size straps at the back mean pretty much every adult can wear one simple single-sized product.
  • Child sizes are available – having said the above, sometimes you might want smaller versions for children – you can get these too from good suppliers.
What do I need to remember when buying hats?
  • Some say that branded or promotional hats are typically preferred by men – you  might want to check this out by asking around in your office – some say guys are just less particular about what they wear on their heads, though of course that’s a pretty big generalisation.  Nevertheless if your targets are predominantly female, you might want to consider the design aspect with extra care.  If you’re working with a mixed audience, you may want to offer a little more choice here – maybe a different colour variant, a lighter or breathable fabric, a softer style, or maybe a visor style product instead of a standard single product for all.
  • The front panel can be made harder or softer as you prefer, so think about whether you want the front to stand up (trucker style) or lie flat (more like a sports style).  Different people have different preferences on this, so talk internally about what works for your organisation, and talk to your supplier about the options they have available up front, so you aren’t surprised when your delivery arrives and its not what you had in mind.
  • Only buy enough for what you need now and a few additional, but don’t be tempted to buy 000s extra to save a few cents on the unit price.  Cost savings for larger quantities are often small compared with the hassle of keeping far many products you don’t need after your campaign is done or the potential embarrassment of giving away “old” stuff that’s no longer relevant.  You won’t want to keep products from one year to the next – it rarely makes financial sense to do that.  And if you buy new products each year for your annual event, you could create a buzz and a sense of anticipation when you refresh the design each time.
How can I add value or a CTA (Call to Action) so I can make hats a useful campaign item, not just a giveaway?
  • The crucial opportunity here is to add a hangtag.  That’s a simple piece of printed card which is attached to the hat.  Your supplier can help you with this  – or you can do it yourself by just getting some business cards printed with the right design.   Yes, for sure, it takes a little extra effort, but a hangtag on your hat turns a giveaway into a campaign – and turns you into a Promo Products Pro!
  • A hangtag makes your gift look more premium and it gives you the opportunity to make your Call to Action, e.g to direct people to visit a website which makes a sales pitch, or collect email addresses to build your list, or get feedback, announce a new product, promote your Facebook fan page, etc.
  • And you can measure the results from the Call to Action to monitor the success of your campaign. Use A/B testing with two different versions of the hangtag to see which gets best results and tweak your next campaign accordingly.
  • OK, yes, some people may immediately discard the hangtag, but if you make the design attractive and intriguing enough many will read it and follow up.
  • As well as adding a hangtag, you could  an “exclusivity play” to make the product  seem more desirable – perhaps only available to selected individuals, or as a thank you gift in return for something – maybe for an email signup,  for an upgraded subscription, or as an incentive or team identifier?
What design ideas can you suggest to liven things up?
  • Embroidery continues to be the most popular option but screen print can work too, as can appliqué.
  • Think outside the box with your company logo – supersize it?  You might want to have this checked with your internal “logo police”, but perhaps you can get access to a retro version of your logo? Look back in the company archives – there may be some cool graphic or text deas in there from the early days of your firm.
  • Rather than the traditional home page URL, can you add a more useful one which leads to a CTA or “lead grab” site?  If its unfamiliar, you might pique more curiosity and get more visits.
  • Should you add other tag lines / words to explain to other people what you do and what your brand means (if you aren’t already a household name)?     Hint – YES you probably should!
  • Be bold with design – try using unfamiliar fabric colours which are outside your traditional corporate colour palette and see how your logo looks on these.
  • If you’re running an outdoor event, maybe it could look good on a Camo print.
  • Consider higher-end fabrics such as breathable polyester, mesh, or microfibre for lightweight versions.
  • A boat clip helps to keep the cap firmly attached to your shirt collar when sailing or out on the water or in windy conditions.
  • Use the colour opportunity of the “sandwich filling” section on the peak to liven up your design to help move it away from the traditional black, grey white and corporate blue!
  • Add branding features like an inside woven label for more premium feel – and use these too to point your recipients in the direction of your CTA




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