How is your brand looking right now?

Many of us take our brands for granted, forgetting just how important they are. Your brand is evolving with your business and  goes hand in hand with your great service and products.   Consistent branding helps your client when they see and recognise your brand to recall that positive experience of buying from you.

Here’s an update of an earlier post on a few things to focus on for your brand right now.


Social Media – make it talk to you too!

Keeping  social media up to date can be something of a chore especially if you don’t have a plan.  It’s something that can be outsourced to a freelancer or marketing consultant for sure, however it works best if you guide that person carefully in terms of tone and style, and help by providing content suggestions and ideas.  And of course a short/medium term plan with targets which you can measure will help you understand your sweet spot in terms of return on effort / investment so you can tweak what you do on a regular basis.

Every day your social media profiles are on the Internet for customers to see.  Updating your company messages on your personal and company profiles with new and interesting content will enhance your relationships with customers and reinforce positive feelings about your brand.

Are you monitoring what your customers and competitors are saying about you on the web?  Make the internet talk  to you too – are you using it proactively to get regular updates to your inbox?  You can programme Google Alerts to send you regular updates of web-based news stories / articles /commentaries on your own company, or on other areas which are relevant.

And do remember the great opportunities you have through Social Media to respond to negative criticism in a way that makes you look good!  (avoid tit-for-tat  / childish reactions to criticism at all costs!)


Customer Communications – transactional emails?  The next thing??

Putting together a communications plan for regular customer contact can of course help your brand to connect emotionally – making customers feel good about working with you and wanting to buy your products and services again in the future.

Are the branding messages you are sending to your customers, clear, consistent and credible?  Your advertising may be spot-on and your email marketing pretty impactful too, but what happens after you’ve clinched a deal – how about your transactional emails?

Have you thought about how you can use these as a marketing tool?  This is a hot topic, so look out for more on this soon.  Switched-on companies are doing this already, you can too!


Brand consistency – get your act together for when you work with third party providers!

You don’t necessarily need a flashy brand plan, but do make sure you write down  a guideline for anyone who is preparing corporate materials for you – if you don’t have Pantone references for your colours you really should – its easy to do (we can help  – give us a call if you would like us to) and will save you a lot of time in the future.  Likewise now’s a good time to make sure you’ve got your logo files available in AI, EPS or editable PDF formats – most of your partners who need your logo will be unable to do much with a .png or a screenshot of your email footer, so get yourself organised in advance!


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