We all know that happy customers are loyal customers.

So how do we add value to our customer experience to keep loyal customers coming back for more?

Here are 5 helpful hints to help you develop a customer- focused approach:


If you haven’t already got a CRM system in place, now is the time to invest.

A CRM system keeps your customer data and sales information in one place, so your sales and marketing teams have easy access to key customer accounts at all times.  Following up leads, targeting and managing accounts and campaigns can be done much more systematically and effectively, with faster response times and closer customer contact.

Social Media

Social media is a fantastic tool for engaging with your customers. Listen and learn about your customers and share information, ideas and tips. Monitor your social media closely for feedback and respond quickly to product queries, problems and complaints.

Sales Team

Your sales team is your most important asset for adding value to your customer service. Empower your staff to respond quickly and flexibly to enquiries, so they can resolve any problems efficiently and can negotiate and close sales.

Invest in your staff with incentives and product training, so staff are motivated and appear knowledgeable. Make time for regular meetings to update sales teams on product info, new products, customer feedback and promotions.

Loyalty Schemes

Design a loyalty scheme for your key target customers. This is an ideal way to offer targeted promotions to your most valued customers and reward them for loyal business. Some companies also offer personalised logins to their websites where they can communicate on a more personal level with key customers.

Marketing Communications

Personalised Marketing communications are simple to design with email marketing packages.  Content can be adapted for different customer groups and is easily measurable by open and click through rates. Use email marketing to stay in touch with customers and to send regular promotions. The content can be tested and adapted so that you can check your emails are on target.


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