There are great online survey tools out there, many of them are free and easy to use. Whether you’ve chosen – Super Simple Survey, Question Pro or Survey Monkey or another popular tool, here are 10 simple guidelines, to help you get it right the first time.


  1. Be clear on the objectives of your survey and what you want to achieve and how you will use the results that you find
  2. Decide on how you will collect responses, will you create a link to use in your own email or place the survey on your website?
  3. Set a limit on the length of your survey, longer than 5 mins and respondents will be more likely to lose interest
  4. Plan the order in which you will ask questions – keep it logical and include the reasons why you need respondents to help you complete the survey
  5. Ask for any personal and contact information at the end of the survey, so as not to deter respondents from answering questions in the early sections
  6. Plan and test your questions, keep them short and direct and use simple, clear language
  7. Choose the type of questions you want to use carefully, questions with yes/no responses, multiple choice and a rating scale are easier to analyse. If you use ratings use the same scale throughout
  8. Select a small test sample of respondents to check your survey before you send to a bigger sample size
  9. Decide on the best time to send your survey for your target audience
  10. And finally, plan to send a reminder to respondents that you have not heard back from, to give them another opportunity to respond.


Thank your respondents at the end and take them on to your webpage – it’s nice if you can also offer a special thank-you deal or bonus of some sort for anyone who completes the survey.


Once you have the results, share what you have learnt with your customers. Tell them how their valuable data will improve their customer experience with your business.


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