Writing Instruments

Pens and writing instruments are the Number One seller in all categories of promotional gifts – 50% of US customers own a pen they received as a promotional item.

Everyone uses a pen every day and a decent quality writing instrument will always help to reflect your brand in a positive way.

You really do get what you pay for, so avoid buying cheap pens. Have you ever used a company pen that ran out of ink or fell apart in your hand? You really don’t want to be that brand. We don’t sell low quality pens and will let you see samples before you place your order. Promotional pens remain popular because they are effective. If you are going to put your name on one, put it on a pen your clients will want to keep and not want to lose.

The advantages with pens are portability, ease of mailing, ease of storage, simplicity of use for multiple events and locations; and unlike many other promo gifts people will happily take away more than one; thereby increasing your brand exposure by using them in front of other people, happily passing on your pen to other people and taking extra pens to give to friends.

Because of their longevity, pens are a good item to order in larger quantities.

Our recommendations

We recommend high quality plastic pens from Europe. The products
we supply offer a huge variety of colour, style and design possibilities, and with patented ‘Floating Ball’ technology, they write very comfortably, feel great in the hand, stay leak-proof and last for a long time – or at least for a guaranteed 4km, which should be enough for most people. We can also offer you ‘eco-pens’ which are a more environmentally friendly product – definitely a trend for the future as people become more environmentally focused.

If you are buying pens, it is always good to consider complementary items such as paper pads, folders, Sticky-notes and notebooks.

For something different, how about choosing a pen which also doubles as a USB, or a stylus pen that can be used with your iPad or smartphone?



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