What’s your strategy for promoting your brand and services at an event or a trade show?

We recommend :-


Define your target market clearly in your own mind first, and then develop a strategy to


1) attract

have something visual to attract prospects to your booth or table, so that you stand out in some way and get people’s attention – could be as simple as a tablecloth and a pull-up banner.

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2) engage and register

qualify your visitors through your initial questions and conversation, and collect email details and their agreement for you to register them for your mailing list.


3) aid recall after the event

a brochure is a good start, but you need more than this really – make sure you have a product sample or a branded gift item to help your qualified prospects remember you.



So what’s the right approach for branded gifts and premiums at your event?

– Should you get a load of budget products made up and try to distribute as many as possible?

– Or just choose a few higher value items and give to known VIP customers?


Well, it goes back to your reasons for being at the event.

If you’re looking to announce your presence to the general consumer market then a mass market approach showering everyone in the room with low budget premiums might work well.

But if you’re looking for a smaller number of new highly targeted high value clients – or just want to say thank you to existing ones, it’s more cost-effective to be selective.

We recommend to plan for at least two alternative gifts for different types of visitor – and be selective about who gets what.



Two other points to also consider, especially if you’re marketing professional services :-


You’re probably telling prospects that you are offering a premium service – in that case,  everything about your presence at the event needs to reflect that.

So don’t pinch pennies on the quality of your promotional products or printed materials.

Just think about the small incremental cost of some better quality gifts compared to the average revenue your firm will earn from just one new client.


Don’t be shy about including a Call to Action and a Way to Get in Touch.

Explain that compelling reason why your prospect should get in touch again (maybe you could offer a link to a useful information resource?) and tell them clearly how to do it.

This will help you scoop up more missing contact details from prospects who visit – and builds your email list.


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