There are so many marketing options out there to choose from. We’ve cut through all the noise and picked out 5 of the latest trends to help keep you informed and up to date.


Online Advertising 


Businesses are starting to move away from the traditional website banner ads  – new advertising opportunities with social media are much better value for money and social media users are more interactive with higher click through rates.


Facebook news feed ads are popular with advertisers; with higher visibility and more interaction from friends browsing updates.



Mobile Apps 


Instagram is now one of the most effective social networks for companies looking for better sales and engagement.


Use Instagram to find a creative way to show your products and brands and get likes and followers. Listen to your customers and join in conversations.


It’s also the newest place to add inspiring videos.





Videos are still hot news, they account for more than 50 percent of all web traffic. Whether you use Vine, Instagram, or YouTube, keep it short, simple and to the point and integrate it with you other social media.





As our lives become dependent on mobile forms of communication we expect closer relationships with the businesses that we use. Companies need to provide real time information and responsive and adaptive content. It’s important to design the content and formats for the type of mobile device your customers are using.


Content Marketing  


It’s not the sheer amount of content that’s important it’s what we create and how we add value to our customer. Content marketing is increasingly important, it helps you to attract your target customers, acquire them and develop an ongoing relationship with them. Provide your customers with valuable information and in turn they will reward you with their business and loyalty.


And finally – unless you have huge budgets you can’t try everything at once. Invest in new marketing ideas that appeal to you and your customers and start to plan how you will integrate the new ideas with your existing marketing plans.


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