I asked a client the other day about their rationale for using promotional items.


“It’s really just about getting the brand out there”, they said


So I asked how effective that was.


A bit of an  embarrassed laugh, then “Don’t know, can’t really measure it”.


So then we got talking about ways you **could** measure it – in fact it turned out they had, almost by accident, gone some of the way to do this already.  But they’d missed an important trick.

Here’s what happened


Good News – they had added a QR code onto their promotional product. 

Bad News – it turned out that this code just directed clients to their standard homepage.




  • No way to isolate the results and measure the impact of that particular campaign

  • No way to capture information about the recipients of their Promo item (these were recipients who were already engaged enough and interested enough to try out the QR)

  • No way to capitalise on the goodwill and interest of those very engaged and interested prospects – or really give them something to remember your brand!


So what should they have done differently?



Here’s our take on how this can work…



Prepare –  before distributing your promo product


1) Set up a distinct and separate webpage for the specific QR code you are going to use within your firm’s standard domain.  Or it can be separate – it doesn’t really matter, so long as you have control over it.  If you don’t have control over your page, we can help you set one up just for your campaign.


With a separate page,  by reviewing hits to that page you can monitor and gauge the effectiveness of your promo product in inducing some kind of positive response from recipients.


It’s a bit like encouraging people to register after a purchase to get a “warranty”.  Sure, response rates might be modest, but as with any metrics, if you repeat over time you’ll get to see a pattern emerging and have a basis to try some good old A/B testing.


You could also ask people who land on that page to “Like” you on FB or follow you on Twitter – but,  if you want to really use the full potential of this…


2) On that webpgage include an OPT-IN form entitling the prospect who gives you their email address to GET SOMETHING NICE  (an incentive!) NOW (there and then).

As we all know these days, even with so many different social media marketing options out there, nothing comes near to the power and effectiveness of Email marketing –  those email addresses are GOLD.


So what would the incentive be?


It should be something relevant to your prospects or to your industry – so it might be


Three months free added onto a 12 month contract?

An email micro course on something relevant to their industry?

An industry-specific value-filled survey or review

A downloadable “buy-one get-one-free” voucher

A downloadable discount voucher?

A voucher for coffee at Starbucks?

A voucher for a spa treatment?

One more promo product like the one they already received coming to them in the post (“just type in your address and we’ll send it to you”)?


It’s really up to you – what you decide upon though should depend on the product or service you yourself are selling, it’s price point, and your target market demographics and preferences.


What to do when you present your promo item?


On the day of your event, or when you send it out or hand it over,  make sure to promote your promo!


You’ve spent good money on this advertising, so don’t dismiss it as a giveaway.  Make sure that when you present your gift, you draw the recipient’s attention to the QR code to make sure they don’t overlook it.


People do love to engage, so give them a chance to do so.


How to do that?  There are lots of creative ways over and above just telling them about it in person.  Some ideas…


You could make an announcement?

Maybe add pull-up banners around your venue pointing it out?

If its a direct mailer, then mention it in your “killer” accompanying letter too.

And of course you should always add a printed hangtag or card insert along with the product pointing it out to them.  Hey, you could even print the QR code on the card as well!  Or even instead 🙂


Now here’s some good news – help is at hand.


We can help run this type of campaign with you.

Click here to see more or call me direct on +852  2608 5280.

Mark Basford


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