Why is it that events are one of the first areas of the Marketing budget to be cut from Marketing plans?

It’s true; events can be costly, but view them as a valuable investment of time and money for your business and you’ll start to see the benefits.

There is nothing like exhibiting at an event to motivate teams and businesses – inspiring delegates with new ideas to implement and share with colleagues.

If you still need convincing here are 6 more reasons why businesses, however small should go for it and sign up for more events………..


Showcase Your Products

Where else are you able to showcase your top products to potentially hundreds of customers? Expensive and complex products need product demos. Here’s your chance to answer questions, reassure customers of your brand values and convince them your product is the best.


Meet Your Customers

Show your most valued customers that you care – send them invitations to your stand before the event, talk to them about your products and your promotions, make them feel special.

This is your chance to find out what customers think of your products. Gather testimonials you can use on your websites and social media. Remember to leave visitors with a promotional giveaway with your details on, so they’ll remember you.


Sell, Sell, Sell

Talk to the delegates walking past your stand, this is your opportunity to sell your products. If you’ve maximized presales opportunities through social media, advertising and direct marketing, then potential customers will already know what you are offering. Use your skills to convert sales and boost your sales revenues.


Lead Capture

There is no excuse for failing to capture potential customer leads at events. Visitors to your stand will happily hand over their details for an incentive, attractive giveaway, or to be signed up to a newsletter they are interested in. There are so many imaginative ways to persuade visitors to opt in to receiving information from you.

Remember to contact potential customers after the event to thank them for visiting your stand and to remind them why they should buy from you.


Monitoring Competitors

This is a unique opportunity to find out what your competitors are doing. Do they have new product lines? Which products have they chosen to exhibit? Do they have any show promotions? Are their stands busy and are they using giveaways? Use this information wisely to plan your next event and stay ahead of your competitors.


Show Your Expertise

Events are not only about showcasing your product on a stand, they are about sharing knowledge as an expert in your field. Sign up to lead a seminar in your specialist area. Inspire your captive audience and take the opportunity to promote what you do, and then follow up with your audience after the seminar.


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