Upgrading your Business Card.

How many times have you looked at your business cards and thought, it’s time for an upgrade?

If there’s one way to make a good impression in Hong Kong, it’s with your business name card.

Many of us have a pile of business cards on our desks, have a look through and see if any catch your eye.

So how do you make your business cards better than your competitors?

Here are some ideas, to get you started:

Colour and Shape

Choose a colour that is easy on the eye, and that works for your business style, brand and logos.

Professional companies usually choose shades of blue, grey and black. If you’re looking for a more vibrant feel, why not go for something different?

If you understand Feng shui you’ll know that red is a stimulating colour, suited to energetic, fast moving companies. Green and blue are soothing colours, ideal for caring and nurturing professions.

Your promo products supplier will work with your pantone colour charts to match colours and to cut a name card shape of your choice.

Remember that most name card holders and wallets are a standard size and if your card can’t be stored, it will easily be lost in paperwork.

Be Creative

What about including one of these ideas?

·      A useful map, showing your business location and opening times

·      Photos, a professional photo of you, or your product – a visual reminder of what you look like and what you sell

·      Handy sections to write in appointment times or notes

·      Customer testimonials – your very own personal recommendation

·      Cartoon illustrations, these can really make your card unique

·      Famous or inspiring quotes – showing your individual personality and what appeals to you

·      The company mission statement or slogan

·      Accessories – branded paper clips look professional and are handy too.

Remember more is less; if you struggle to see the basic details on the card then you have too much.

Not Forgetting the Basics

Here’s the essential information to include:

Choose a clear font no smaller than 8-10 point.

·      Your name, list any awards and qualifications that you have alongside

·      Job title

·      Company name

·      Company logo

·      Telephone and fax numbers

·      Email address

·      Website

·      Remember to include any facebook pages, blogs or the icons, where you have a Social media presence.

And if after this, you’re still struggling to get everything on your card, why don’t you put together a few different designs? You can tailor each card individually for each target market you have.


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